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Go to the index of Gilbert-Jan, our son, born: Nov. 15, 2002
Here are Nadia and myself, dressed to party (also some pictures of my 50th birthday)
Nadia and Rakker, our nextdoor neighbour's cat Rakker and our house Have a webcam-view at my Aquarium
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Latest version of ][2Mac:
- ][2Mac 2.1Beta5, an Apple-][ to Mac floppy back-up tool, which produces Bernie ][ the Rescue- and IIe-compatible floppy-images on the Mac
- - FAQ for ][2Mac, the Frequently Asked Questions and Online Registration for ][2Mac
Latest version of NET/Mac:
- NET/Mac 2.3.71, a hamradio TCP/IP-program
- NET/Mac environment (1.2 MB), with examples of config-files etc.
- The sources of NET/Mac
Latest version of IM/Mac:
- IM/Mac, the mailer for NET/Mac, written by Ivo Van Ursel, ON4IVU (ex-ON1XK)

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